Clocks and Watches


Premium Branded Watches

If you’re searching for stunning fashion watches, look no further than Parsons Jewelry. Being in business since 1959, we have been a preferred destination for watches from Seiko, Pulsar, and Berco.

Visit Parsons Jewelry today and take a look at our gorgeous quartz watches. Check out our beautiful Seiko watches with diamonds on the face. The diamonds come in both white and yellow.

Types of Watches

  • Casual
  • Work
  • Men's timepieces
  • Women's timepieces

Top-Notch Branded Clocks

Whether you’re looking for a timepiece for the wall or the mantle, Parsons Jewelry can provide you with the right one. Visit our store and find a Seiko clock with quartz accuracy.
You’ll love the melodies and motion with these incredible Seiko clocks. Each timepiece plays a song at the top of every hour. You can choose from a selection of popular songs or find the perfect holiday song.
Parsons Jewelry provides 1-year manufacturer's warranties.
We can provide you with in-store service and repairs on all watches and clocks. Also, we can replace watch and clock batteries.
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